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Would you like SIX?

(If you misread that, please retrieve your brain from the gutter, wash it out with soap and water and then continue reading). The Germans call it, „Lust auf Sechs“, (well they would)! They know it´s their one chance to get a superb deal on ..

a course of six individual dance lessons for only the price of five!

It´s a course that is only available once a year. You can only register between 1st of June and 31st of August, you get a flexible course that allows you to schedule your lessons at times which suit, starting from the time of registration until 31 December.

You will also be saving 60 €!

Not only is “one to one” training proven to be the best way to learn or improve your dancing, but you can book your lessons with your choice from a team of leading EDC specialist teachers from Germany, UK and Russia, each highly skilled, qualified and specialised to help you achieve your goals.
If you haven´t yet started a dance this is your ideal opportunity.

You may have heard that learning to dance can change your life. You may have googled the benefits and already know it´s going to help your confidence, poise, balance and improve not only your social life but also your health, fitness and well-being, it’s also going to open up a whole new world for you.

Maybe you already dance as a hobby at one of the local schools or clubs, but despite having lots of figures or choreography, you just know it doesn´t feel right and when you dance past the mirror you notice it doesn´t look very special.

Maybe you been to local dance events and admired couples or individuals trained at Euro Dance Center who seem to look stylish, move naturally and make it look so easy.

We show you how!

This is your ideal chance to experience just how easy it is to make you look good and feel good on any dance floor.

You may be an experienced or advanced dancer, possibly regularly competing and need that special extra to catapult your success. You can use your individual lessons to achieve just that, training with some of the top UK teachers.

Lust auf Sechs is one of the region’s most popular courses. Due to the exceptionally high demand, we have had to restrict the offer to a maximum of two packets per person for new students.

You can register on 1st June and the course goes offline on the 31st of August. (Sorry, No exceptions)!

When you register for two blocks, (12 lessons for the price of 10) you are saving over 120 Euros. (That’s more pocket money than my wife gives me in a month)! Yes, this is a crazy offer, but you may already have discovered, at EDC we are crazy people!

Did I tell you, that even though the price is drastically reduced, we can still book up in 3 mini installments? Together let´s create magic!

PS, I would personally like to thank those who miss the registration period and end up paying 120 € more. It means that at last I get a pocket money rise!