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Enjoy Free Drinks!

Yes, you read it correctly!

You can enjoy a delicious cappuccino, a cool refreshing beer or one of our delicious yummy cocktails, on the house at absolutely no cost to you!

Why not enjoy one of each?

No, you don't have to stand on one leg and recite Shakespeare. No, you don't even have to lay seductively on the bar.

You simply register exclusively online for your free loyalty card. On your next visit, it will be ready and waiting for you, if you're a nice person and give us a big smile, it's yours. Each time you enjoy a cool beer, cocktail, or warm drink just ask us to stamp the back of your card, and then enjoy your 10th drink with our compliments, it’s free!

Actually, we keep losing our stamp, so we often squiggle our signature on your card, when it looks as if the spiders from Mars have had a party on the back of your card, you know it’s time for free drinks!

Once you’ve registered online for your free drink card, each time your card runs out, you’ll automatically get a new one, which means even more free drinks for you.