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Wonderful and delicious - the Icecream Party!

Lashings of delicious ice cream, a choice of your favourite flavours, toppings to die for. Maybe you’re going to cover it in smarties, Oreos, marshmallows or one of our special crispy toppings. You may decide to smother your special ice creation in whipped cream.

Decision time; Do you put the toppings on first before the cream or let your favourite sauce, (maybe chocolate, strawberry, marzipan or caramel), slowly and mouthwateringly ooze over the cream, making its way through your dressing of chocolate chips, marshmallows, Oreos and other yummy bits?

If you’re not sure, it’s absolutely no problem because when you go back for your second helping, you can change the flavours, the toppings, the sauces and where you dollop the cream!

Between plates of yummy ice cream, enjoy the spectacle of dance that is taking place in our large ballroom. You are going to be so proud of your child as you watch them performing at the EDC end of term party.

As you see how they have improved, what they have learnt, how much they are enjoying and achieving through dance, your eyes may get just a little wet. Don’t worry; the napkin, which you got with your ice cream, can come in useful.

You may feel sorry for families you know who haven’t yet discovered the magic and the benefits their children get when learning to dance at EDC.

In the break and after the show, you know there’s just one thing that your child needs. “Ice cream”!

Back to the ice counter, your child’s eyes light up as they now make their own ice cream concoction. You secretly wonder if there’s still a small space left in your own tummy for just a tiny bit more ice cream. You decide the diet starts tomorrow!

If I tell you what this is going to cost you, you’ll think I’m totally crazy, doolally, have gone off my rocker, several screws are loose, must have come up the Thames on a donut! ….. (Well I am British)!

If you have registered online to attend, you will have FREE entry to the end of term show!

Your “All you can eat Ice cream” ticket is yours for ONLY 5 €

Yes, correct, “Only Five Euros”!

In addition, when you are on my Email list, you get an exclusive link to our online priority booking and will be able to get your tickets before the event is made public. Spectator only tickets will be available for those that missed out a few weeks later at reception, subject to availability. (These do not include the “All you can Eat Ice cream privilege”).You maybe find it entertaining to watch others groveling for the last of the remaining tickets, knowing that your tickets have been safely in your wallet for the last few weeks.

Be smart do it now!

(I take no responsibility for you having an absolutely wonderful time, feeling so proud of your offspring or devouring too much ice cream)!