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With all your senses, experience the magic of Dance!

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. It’s time to start living; it’s time to start dancing! It’s time to experience the magic of YOU today! Simply decide what you’d like to start with, then just click, register and start! You’ll find that the best value for money is an EDC club membership. If you need the flexibility, the Kombi-Kurse ® exclusively available in EDC is ideal for you.


For the best value for money and maximum benefits, you can become an EDC Club Member today. Discover how you can get the best for less here!

Designed by experts, your Kombi-Kurs® is proven to be the most effective introductory course for singles and couples of all ages. Start Today!

Learning to dance could change your life! When two people stand in dance position, something magic happens. Experience Ballroom, Latin, American Smooth, Argentine Tango or Discofox. Start living start dancing here NOW!

It’s time to do something for that very special person, YOU! Imagine with one click you could discover: Improved fitness, wellness, relaxation, weight loss, flexibility, posture, fun, enjoyment, happiness, and new friends. Here is that one click you’ve been seeking.

Your child is special. You want to give them a gift not just for now, but a gift that will last a lifetime. Your child is going to experience a fantastic time. When you see the difference, you’ll be so glad that you registered them today. Book their first trial class here.

Your journey into the magical world of Ballet starts here. Discover the benefits of learning with highly qualified and experience teachers and book your introductory class Now.

Dance Fitness. Come join the party, it’s a mega bundle of fun! Whilst you’re enjoying yourself with easy dance exercises to great music, you may notice you’re getting fitter, healthier, losing weight and able to move easier. Book your first class NOW!

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