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A glittering, glamourous evening with spectacular Shows!

It’s time to get your favourite dress out of the wardrobe, that cool suit, and get the kids and the rest of the family ready to enjoy a breathtaking evening full of glitter, spectacular Dance shows, surprises and fantastic music.

You, together with your family and friends can enjoy a magical evening; you can experience the magic of Showcase in EDC. Feel the emotion, the excitement and the atmosphere. The specially chosen music gradually getting under your skin.

Witness dancers performing with their teachers in the Pro-Am shows specially choreographed to every type of music from dramatic to romantic, from passionate to comical. Everything is there for you to enjoy.

You may have asked yourself, „What’s so special about dancing“, maybe your friends or your partner often visits EDC for dance lessons and you’ve often wondered why they come home happy, full of life and with a sparkle in their eyes.

When you watch them dance at Showcase, you’ll realise.

Not only can you expect a superb evening, but there’s also plenty of general dancing for everyone, especially YOU!

Showcase is an evening you won’t want to miss. Put the date in your calendar now, or better still let us remind you in advance by Email when table reservations are available.

If you are on our newsletter (coming soon!), you’ll get advance information and will be able to get your tickets in advance with a discount.

Get ready for the experience of Showcase in EDC!