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The Euro Dance Center - something special, something different!

You’ll discover there’s something special, something different about EDC.

Maybe it’s because it combines a Dance School, a Dance Sport Club, a Ballet School and a recognised Teacher Training Academy under one roof. Possibly, it’s due to the fact that classes are run by highly qualified and experienced teachers.

Perhaps it’s because all classes are limited in size to give optimum benefit to members and pupils.

Some say it’s because of the world-renowned Kombi-Kurs® system available exclusively in EDC and partner schools, which allows a person to combine group classes and individual lessons giving maximum flexibility and benefits.

It could be the relaxed friendly atmosphere, it could be because we have mastered the art of simply making you look good and feel good when you dance.

Euro Dance Center is an education and training establishment and one of the four Accredited and Approved Dance Centers (ADC) in Germany. EDC is also a Bundesleistungstutzpunkt (Germans like long words) and has been awarded the 5 star award of excellence by the Deutschen Tanzschulklassifizierung DTK e.V."

(Another long word)!

However, it’s not about us, it’s about YOU!

What is important to all of us at EDC is how we can help you!

How can we make your dreams come true?