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Prepaid Drink Cards - enjoy and save money!

Enjoy a cool refreshing nonalcoholic drink and save money with your prepaid drink card.

You’ll notice when most people arrive at EDC, their first stop is the bar! No, not for a double brandy to assist the dancing, but for a cool, refreshing drink to take into their lesson or class. Some classes, especially children’s classes and ballet, have a short drinks break during the class where either their teacher brings them to the bar or the drinks are delivered to the studio.

To save the hassle of fishing for small change, or not having the right amount. All small children get a Bambini drink card.

Bambini Card

It’s ideal for small children under six.They enjoy a small glass per class (0.1) of any soft drink or juice of their choice with the exception of Coca Cola. For 5 drinks the prepaid drink card costs only 4 €

When it’s used, simply top up for a new one.

Don’t let your child go without, get your Bambini card on your next visit to EDC.

Universal drink cards

With your prepaid card for 10 soft drinks you’ll save up to 4.30 € on 10 soft drinks. Enjoy a choice of water, Cola, Fanta, Sprite, or sparkling apple juice not only during your class, but also at any time, (except during special events). It’s ideal for teenagers and adults of all ages.

Save money, order yours now and simply collect it on your next visit to EDC.

Kids Card

Not just for kids but also ideal for big kids maybe only attending a trial course for a short time. It’s basically the kid brother of the Universal drink cards. Instead of 10 drinks you get 5 and priced at only 8 € and you still save money.