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Beautiful Summer Day? It's EDC-Barbeque-Time!

Imagine the smell of succulent steaks, sausages and burgers grilling over a coal fire. There’s freshly prepared salads, fresh bread and a range of barbeque sauces.

You’re enjoying the company of good friends at EDC, the sun is shining it’s a beautiful afternoon gradually turning into early evening. There’s dance music in the background. The aroma from the grill wafting in the evening air makes your taste buds water. Then you hear the grill master announce:

“The sausages and schnitzel are ready folks”! You’re very glad you came and feel sorry for those that missed out.

There are somethings in life that are carefully planned and other things which are spontaneous. Our grill party is one of them. When the weather´s good, there’s a free Saturday evening (and when Ian’s feeling hungry), there’s a risk that we may spontaneously decide to hold a grill party for all EDC members, friends and guests.

You’ll get to find out about it and get your invite via our newsletter, and Facebook (providing you follow us on Facebook or are in the EDC Facebook group). Well probably mention it in your lesson or class. If you’re not yet in our newsletter or connected in Facebook, you may miss out big time!

That means Ian will have to eat your steak (and then will get told off by his wife Ruth who keeps putting him on a diet)!

Tell me when the Grill party is (Newsletter coming soon)