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Enjoy and Relax - It’s Tea time!

You’re planning an enjoyable afternoon and looking forward to getting together with friends or colleagues. Maybe a Birthday, a short team meeting or product presentation. Possibly a treat for Grandma, or simply a get together with the girls.

Already you have 10 or more people coming and there’s not enough room at home for them all to be comfortable.

Let’s face it you don’t want the hassle of having to clean the place up, prepare tea and coffee for everyone, maybe prepare snacks or cakes, feed the dog and put the husband out, (or was it the other way round)? Afterwards you’ve got to clean up again.

You’ve thought about going to a coffee shop or restaurant, but not only do you want to avoid the extra cost, there’s not a private area available just for you and your friends.

Relax, there is a solution!

You can simply book the winter garden at EDC.

You and your group will enjoy an unlimited supply of our excellent selection of teas and endless freshly percolated coffee for 2 hours for only 6 € per person for a minimum of 10 people.

Fancy some extra goodies? No problem, for only 10 € per person, you’ll enjoy not only endless tea and coffee but also a buffet of yummy cakes. You want to bring your own cake? Providing the boss gets to test one, it should be OK....

What are you waiting for?

As we often get booked, please book early to avoid disappointment.