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All That Dance - all stars from EDC!

Enjoy a spectacular professionally staged show.

Join us in a theatre, experience the sound, the music, the lights, the costumes and take the journey of a lifetime with us into the world of dance. Experience the magic as dancers from Ballet, Modern, Tap, Disco Freestyle, Street, Hip Hop, Country Western converge into a feast of dance not to be missed.

What makes the show even more special is that you’ll see dancers of all ages take the stage from 2 to 62. You’ll witness not only highly trained and experienced dancers, but also those at the start of their dance career.

The best is, the stars on stage are dancers from EDC.

You may even feel a tear in your eye or a lump in your throat as you see your son or daughter under the spotlight on the stage performing for you! You will not only be amazed at what they have achieved, but will also be so proud of them.

Deep inside, you are eternally grateful to yourself for having giving them the opportunity and for discovering the Euro Dance Center.

You may have experienced past productions and noticed there has been a theme such as “Hollywood & Broadway”, “An Evening with Walt Disney”, “Peter Pan” or the “Nutcracker”. Yes, each year has a different theme.

You’ve also know that each production has been sold out.When tickets are available, normally 75 to 80% are sold within the first 5 days.

You are now able to be one of the first to get your tickets online.