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Dance in the May - a touch of romance in the air!

„Spring is when a young man’s fancy turns to thoughts of love!

(Alfred, Lord Tennyson 1835)

What are you doing on 30th April?

Its’s the start of spring and there’s a touch of romance in the air.

You don’t want to waste the evening sitting on the couch watching that film you’ve seen 100 times already. You don’t want to get blisters chopping that tree down, and then getting a hernia transporting it to someone’s house and sticking it, decorated outside as a symbol of your undying love.

The 1st of May is a holiday; you can have a lie in and don’t have to get up and rush to work.

What better excuse to have an enjoyable night out at EDC?

Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, the well-stocked bar and freshly prepared snacks. Spend an evening with friends who have also discovered what a great evening “Dance in the May” is at EDC.

Anyone and everyone who enjoys dancing together is there. “Dance in the May” is a tradition in EDC.

Maybe it’s the large spacious Ballroom, the lighting, the bar, the food, the atmosphere, the excellent music for dancing covering something for everyone from Ballroom and Latin, mixed with Discofox and Salsa and spiced with Argentine Tango.

Maybe it’s the famous „Maibowle” you get on arrival, made to Ian’s wife’s secret recipe. Whatever the magic recipe is, it’s time to spend a fantastic evening with friends and simply dance the night away.

The best is, you can get your tickets and guaranteed table in advance at a reduced price on line before 1st April.

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Group bookings are welcome.