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Rent a Bar and enjoy your party!

It’s party time!

You don’t want a “sit down and talk about politics and the weather” style party.

You want a fun “Club style” party with good music, lots to drink, cool guests in a fun relaxed Caribbean atmosphere. You want some light snacks, but not a sit down go to sleep meal.

Maybe you’re celebrating a promotion, an 18 to 30 style birthday, an engagement or simply getting together with friends for a good time.

Maybe you’re planning a posh “stand around and look good” party with canapés together with champagne and cocktails drunk with little finger in the air.

Either way, you want a well-stocked cocktail bar with exclusive use of the winter garden and terrace for you and your guests. As they are special guests, you want a special party in a special location. You dream of holding your party in the Manhattan club bar,

OK, so you know it’s our mission to make your dreams come true.

Just let us know when you’d like to hold your party and we’ll make your dreams come true too!

I want to party!