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Via Distance-Tutoring - we help you through!

You are a passionate dancer setting out on your teaching career. Maybe you’ve attending a performer’s college and are studying for your teachers qualifications. You may be an experienced teacher simply upgrading your existing qualifications to the DDE. Perhaps you are studying at EDC for your Theatre faculty dance teachers’ qualification.

Having registered for the DDI / DDE, your health and safety and lifespan development course books have arrived. Now you’re thinking OMG, how am I going to learn all this? When am I going to have the time? How am I going to understand it? All these strange terms! Help!

You know it’s important, but it seems so much!

Suddenly you find yourself having a “bad hair” day, and contemplate drowning your sorrows in chocolate. You wish you had a fairy godmother who would wave her magic wand and make it all seem easy.

Relax! We may not be your fairy godmother; we may not have a magic wand, but we know how to get you through.

You can cover via EDC distance tutoring.

  • Health and safety
  • Lifespan development
  • Contextual studies

You’ll get two authorised tutors for the price of one. Both are qualified to Fellowship level in their respective genres, are approved bilingual tutors and distance learning tutors. You can choose to work with either or both of us.

In bite size chunks, we simply help you through via a combination of e-mail, one-to-one phone / skype calls, webinar, videos and text.

Each module is available as a block of 6 one-hour units (50 mins). You can use these in ½, ¾ or 1-hr blocks. The benefit of booking a block of 6 hours is that the price is reduced. You may find that six is not enough, that’s no problem, you can simply top up as and when needed.

Your unfair advantage:

Having passed all modules, your thesis is now the only thing that stands between you and your international career as a qualified teacher of Dance.

We’ll let you into a secret.

Ian de Souza (EDC-Chief) is not only an ISTD certified tutor and bilingual distance learning tutor, but also an authorised ISTD examiner and Accessor for the DDI and DDE.

Although he doesn’t mark your thesis, (that has to be independent), whichever EDC tutor you work with, before submitting your paper, you’ll discover it lands in front of Ian’s’ critical eye who makes sure that it meets the specified criteria and that common mistakes often made by candidates have been avoided.

Let’s get started!