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Teacher of dancing in Theatre Faculty

You have decided to train and qualify as a teacher of dancing in the Theatre Faculty. You want the security of knowing that your qualification is recognised and respected throughout the world.

Qualifying in the Theatre Faculty is similar to qualifying in the Dance Sport Faculty, you will find there are a few small differences.

Your training at EDC prepares you firstly for the DDI (Diploma in Dance Instruction) followed by the DDE (Diploma in Dance Education). These examinations as well as being internationally recognised meet the criteria set by education authorities to allow you to teach in schools and colleges.

As with all Dance Teacher examination training a set level of quality in your own dancing is required. If you already hold an “Intermediate” examination with ISTD or RAD you can commence your training immediately. Alternatively, we will firstly help you achieve your intermediate exam.

You training includes various modules, which you can take at your own pace designed to fit your schedule.

These include:

  • Dance practice and the relationship between music and dance

  • Class observations

  • Class planning techniques

  • Health and safety in dance

  • Lifespan development

  • Contextual studies.

Health & safety, lifespan development and contextual studies are written papers. You can decide if you wish to prepare for these on a one to one basis or via our distance learning. See dstance training. (link distance tutoring)

You can prepare for these units only at EDC, providing you are registered with any Approved Dance Center. You benefit from training on a one to one basis with highly qualified and experienced experts.

Before commencing your training, we recommend booking an initial training (2-3 hours) at a reduced price.

After your initial lesson, together we put together your individual training program designed to meet your needs and make your dreams come true.