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Events at Euro Dance Center

Now that you can dance, a whole new world opens up for you! Social evenings, practice dances, special events, a world of glitter, a world of fun and friendship. Whether a glamourous event or a relaxed party, it’s now yours to enjoy. Travel with EDC on a fun weekend to the UK, experience the atmosphere, live your dreams. (We did warn you, learning to dance could change your life)!

Enjoy a delicious, specially made for you breakfast, then fight the flab at our free practice dance.

Enjoy an evening with friends and practice what you’ve learnt in your classes and lessons. more...

It’s time to have fun; it’s time to dance in the May.

Loads of delicious ice cream and a feast of dance is waiting for you and your family.

Get yourself a personal invite to the BBQ. Experience a warm summer evening with friends and enjoy mouthwatering goodies from the grill.

Let’s Dance goes to Troisdorf. Experience a glittering, glamourous evening with spectacular Pro-Am shows. An evening of fun, laughter and surprises. Featuring the stars of the show, YOU!

Take the journey of a lifetime into the world of Dance. Experience a spectacular professionally staged show. Enjoy the music, the costumes, the lighting…the stars on stage are EDC dancers.

Enjoy a large and varied delicious buffet, dance to "proper dance music" on a large spacious dance floor in a glamourous ballroom! A tradition in the ballroom scene for over 15 years. Get yourself on the priority booking list NOW!

IN EDC it’s about fun, friendship and quality dancing. Experience first-hand the fun, friendship and good times as you join us on one of our fantastic weekend trips to London, the UK South coast or Blackpool. Dancing at two of the most famous Ballrooms in the world, he Blackpool Tower and the Winter gardens is something you’ll never forget.