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New Year’s Eve Party

You ask it every year. The same old question: “What shall we for New Year´s Eve?

The discos are too loud and too full and you don’t really want to spend the next day with a headache and shattered eardrums.

You know that the hotels are generally too expensive. The music is not great, the food even less so.  The dance floor is too crowded.  Therefore, New Year´s Day is simply a remembrance of the frustration.  After all, you really wanted to enjoy a varied delicious buffet and dance to “proper dance music” on a large spacious dance floor!

New Year´s Eve – your dream is a beautifully decorated ballroom with well-dressed people spinning around the dance floor.  You hear terrific dance music and there`s enough room on the floor to dance your favorite figures to your hearts content.

You want a chance to wear your long ball gown and see your partner in tuxedo or tails.  We´re sure the women feel the same way! J

You and your friends simply want to spend New Year´s dancing with the fun crowd.  You want to have a great time, eat and enjoy delicious food, drinking what you like.  You want to enjoy a show and experience a memorable evening in a great atmosphere.

You want to have a fantastic evening without having to rob a bank to pay for it!

“Where is that possible?”

You may be smiling, as you know the answer, or maybe already have your name on the VIP list for advance tickets.

If you are a dancer, you already know that the Ballroom scene in the region already have the

New Year’s Eve Party at Euro Dance Center

engraved in their calendars as a “must do” event.

Sylvester at EDC has been a tradition for 15 years. You probably know that it is popular and generally booked early. If you are already on our VIP list or have already experienced the magic of the New Year’s Eve party at EDC, you know that you have priority booking for your seats from 1st September.

Remaining tickets are available as of 1st October. Numbers are limited and often it is fully booked.

You´re smiling when you read this, knowing that you are already on the VIP list and will receive your priority booking link on 1st September

Just keep smiling, because you know that once again you can make your dream come true and that THIS YEAR: celebrate, laugh, and dance with us into the New Year.

Not on our VIP list? Now is your chance.

Join now and get your priority-booking link for this year in your Mailbox (Newsletter ic soming soon!).