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Tailor made classes - This is where dreams come true!

Imagine you could mix your dream cocktail, using only your favourite drinks and juices. You decide how much you would like and how you’d like it served, then simply relax and enjoy!

That’s exactly how your very own tailor-made dance course works. You, together with your friends, simply choose your favourite dances or the dances you would like to experience.You decide how long you would like your special course to run, 6 weeks, 12 weeks or a complete season.

What makes your course so fantastic is that your good friends or colleagues are also in the course with you. It’s a fun night out with people who are special to you.

You’ve planned your course at a time and on the day, which suits you and your friends the best. Maybe your ideal course runs on consecutive weeks or has a couple of breaks for holidays or prior commitments.

Maybe you have customized your special dance course even more and chosen to have it taught in German, English, Russian or Italian.

Experience a great night out. Meet up with friends for drinks before your tailor- made course and relax at the bar enjoying the atmosphere afterwards. What could be better?

No, you’re not dreaming, this is what you can do.

For a group of minimum five couples and at least six classes, we make your dreams come true. Why limit the good times? Simply organise a block of 12 classes over a 4 month period or better still book a season. The best is, with a block of 12 or more, you save money.

Make your dreams come true today.