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Experience the Magic of Latin Hustle

Enjoy the feeling as you discover the amazing transformation you experience as you discover the enjoyment and sophisticated elegance as you dance stylishly to a wide range of fantastic music both old and modern, slow and fast. Creating a terrific style as you dance with a partner.

Latin hustle is not like anything that you have experienced before. Based on a proven formula developed by leading experts in the USA. Taught by highly qualified teachers at EDC.

You know that you are you going to not only look good and feel good but become a stylish dancer and the envy of your friends.

Latin / New York Hustle is smooth, comfortable, and stylish.

But beware, you’ll develop: Confidence, Self-Expression, an Improved Social Life. You’ll benefit from relaxation, Stress relief, Fitness, Fun and Enjoyment.
You have been warned!

Enjoy the freedom of Latin Hustle now!