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Argentine Tango - Let Your Senses FEEL It

Argentine Tango is about feeling awareness, connection and communication. Tango is not so much a dance, more a way of life or a culture. It’s about connecting with another human being. Tango is completely different to learning Ballroom or Latin dancing. It’s about Thinking, Sensing, Feeling and Doing.

The best way to experience Argentine Tango is on a one-to-one basis with an EDC experienced teacher either as a couple or on your own. This ensures you “Feel the Tango” from an early stage.

To give you maximum benefit, when you learn in a group class, you’ll discover that all Tango group classes are limited to a maximum of five couples and initially restricted to a 6 week course.

Experience softness, togetherness, awareness, tenderness, harmony, passion and musicality.

Discover what we mean when we say, “With all your senses experience the magic of dance”

Treat your senses to the incredible feeling of Tango, NOW.

Click here to book your 6 individual lessons with a specialist teacher.

You can arrange your individual lessons on a flexible basis to suit your schedule.

Or here to book your 6 week group course.

Please note, due to restricted numbers after 5 registrations the course is deleted automatically.