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Learn To Dance - It’s Time To Start Living!

Experience meeting fun loving people, put sparkle in your social life and meet new friends. You want to find the simple fun way to get fit and stay fit or just chill and enjoy your free time in a relaxed friendly environment.

You want to enjoy a hobby with your partner or even meet a partner. Maybe improve your posture and coordination.

OK, I guess we both know, the best way to get all that and loads more is partner dancing. You secretly admire people who dance well, have good posture, and ooze confidence and seem to get more out of life.

You want to take the first step, but are not sure if your feet will behave. No problem, with over 40 years’ experience we are here to help.

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What’s in it for you?

You’ll discover when you learn to dance at an EDC introductory course, it’s not just about learning a series of steps, we help you experience the movement, the feeling and the passion.

The EDC introductory class, is todays “Social Survival Kit”. Our highly qualified teachers guide you step by step through the basics of all the dances you’ll need wherever you go.

The best is, with our proven expertise and experience you’ll discover it’s a lot easier than you think. Classes are limited in numbers and to give you maximum benefit and value for money, they can be booked as a club allowing you to continually revise so that you’re 100% secure. It also lets you join parallel classes at no extra charge.

Start Living, Start Dancing

Learning to dance will change your life.

You can secure your place here, but hurry paces are limited.

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Once you’ve secured your place you’ll discover and experience the amazing benefits: Dancing is infectious and makes you feel alive. You’ll discover it’s one of the most fun things you’ll probably ever do. Whilst meeting new people, naturally your social life improves. Even though you’re in it for the fun, you’ll realise it’s making you healthier, your balance, stability and coordination simply improve. It’s also the fun way to lose weight and burn calories

You may notice that later Dancing boosts your energy levels and improves focus. Dancing is the fun way to lose weight and burn calories

Not only will experiencing dance keep you feeling young, but also keeps your body looking and feeling younger.

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