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Ballet for children

Your child is precious. Give them a valuable gift which lasts a lifetime?

Ballet is not only an art form it’s a training for life. Once your child is accepted in to one of our classes run by expert experienced qualified RAD/ISTD teachers, magic starts to happen.

Your child may simply regard it as being fun and enjoyable. They'll love taking part in shows, stage productions and be fascinated by the costumes and lighting. They will be thrilled when taking their RAD/ISTD examinations.

As a parent you'll see that secretly magic is happening.

You may notice improved coordination skills, a more elegant posture and movement, better concentration, improved school exam results, more focus and discipline, increased body tone and flexibility and a better sense of health and wellbeing.

You may simply be proud of your child.

Later in life your child will be so grateful you gave them the chance.

Give your child the magic now!

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