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Advanced Ballet - the Grades!

In your Pre Primary and Primary examination class, you found your feet in Ballet and are now ready to embark on the journey of a lifetime.

Your journey will take its route along the path of graded examinations, which have been created by the world’s leading dance educational experts. Your journey through the grades is going to be challenging, inspiring and filled with magical moments, but most of all rewarding.

You’ll experience the dynamic, the power, the softness, the strength of ballet. You’ll find you develop not only control and superb coordination but also perfect balance. You’ll be amazed at your musicality; you’ll be able to dance different styles.

When you look in the mirror, you’ll notice you’re developing a fantastic posture and stance as well as the figure you’ve always dreamed of. You feel your confidence levels rocket sky high as you learn to perform on stage in the spotlight in front of an audience.

Let’s face it, have you ever seen a trained Ballet dancer who doesn’t look totally elegant and fantastic and like a million dollars?

Your journey is going to require discipline and determination.

The benefits will last a lifetime!

When you move into the Grade classes, from Grade 2/3 you will be coming to EDC twice a week and in addition get the opportunity to participate in another dance genre such as Modern, Tap, Disco Freestyle or Ballroom and Latin at no extra cost.

As the Grade classes provide a structured development, you will have the opportunity to participate in examinations conducted by the RAD or the ISTD.

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Once you have developed the strength of movement and a deeper understanding of Ballet technique, you may be invited to join a Pointe class (An advanced form of Ballet creating what you experience as the weightlessness and ability to defy gravity).

As our primary concern is health and safety in dance, your teacher will only invite you to attend a pointe class when they are completely convinced of your strength understanding and ability.

It is of the utmost importance that the teacher guiding you through your journey is a highly qualified and experienced expert RAD or ISTD teacher with a proven track record. They will have a deeper understanding and knowledge of anatomy, physiology and psychology at various stages of your growth.

That’s why at EDC you’ll only find highly skilled and qualified teachers.

Your journey starts with a free trial lesson, which allows the teacher to see how they can help you the best.

We are here to help you.

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