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Little Bear Feet with Melody Bear (Alias Sherna)

Once upon a time that well known Melody Bear who was inspiring small children in the UK between the ages of 18 months and 4 years’ to experience dance, decided to take a long journey.

She only had little baby feet and Germany was after all a very long way away.

She packed her suitcase, some peanut butter sandwiches and set off.

Secretly, she hoped she would meet Aladdin and be able to hitch a ride on his magic carpet.

No such luck, all she met was a rather fat very smelly bear. She exclaimed Pooh! Then it struck her, she was actually talking to Winnie the Pooh.

Winnie smiled whilst lifting the honey jar under which lay two air tickets to Cologne.

Winnie gave a little wink, whilst saying, “Hey Melody babe, today is your lucky day! I’ve got 2 tickets to Cologne; I’m off to see that strange fellow, Ian, the one who looks a bit like Humpty Dumpty”!

Melody Bear was overjoyed, as she exclaimed, “OMG that’s really cool, I’m off to see Mary Mary Quite Contrary alias Sherna.

She’s starting Little Bear Feet classes in Germany.

That means she’s going to inspire children's natural zest for dance, movement and self-expression for German children over 18 months who haven’t started Kindergarten!

Think of all the little German children taking their first steps into the magical world of Dance.

Winnie the Pooh smiled thinking, “OMG, WTF she never stops talking”! Then said, “Melody, how about dinner tonight”?

Indignant, Melody Bear jumped to her feet saying,

“Winnie, no time for all that, I’ve got to stand here and make sure that all the Mums and Dads click the link below to get a place on the next “Little Bear Feet” magical dance course for their child.

Get your place NOW!

Places are very limited and we can’t let them miss out.

Think how disappointed the children will be if they can’t get in. The parents and the children are going to so regret it later on.

So, Mums and Dad’s, this is an exclusive in EDC- Places are naturally limited.

The course is only available as a 6-week block.
If your chosen date is sold out, you may be able to book the next available block.

Book now to avoid disappointment.

Remember, after booking, Melody can take Pooh up on that dinner date!