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Disco Freestyle - dance and feel good!

Experience the power, the dynamic and the fun.

Enjoy the feeling, the music and the togetherness.

With the best in music from the 60s through to hip hop and Street, Disco Freestyle offers something for everyone of all ages and levels from 6 to 63, from absolute beginner to professional dancer.

From its conception in the 70s till today, it has become one of the world's’ most popular and favourite dance forms. Often referred to as the next generation of Video Clip Dance. You’ll be amazed at the different styles and endless possibilities you’ll experience.

If you’re looking for a social activity with like-minded fun loving people, a way of having fun whilst keeping fit, improving flexibility, improving your strength, getting into better shape, clearing your mind, enjoying time with you and improving your health, then this is definitely for YOU!

Whilst you’re having a bundle of fun, you may not be aware of the structured development which is taking place guided by highly qualified, experienced and expert teachers.

You may notice better coordination skills, improved learning skills, or have lost some excess weight. Somehow the mirror looks better and the scales don’t swear at you any longer. Like many, you enjoy working together as a team to create magic, you enjoy the music, the costumes and get a thrill out of participating in stage productions.

It’s such a fantastic experience, that it’s hard to believe it’s part of ISTD examination training.

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In the future you’ll be so glad that you did.

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