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Country-Western Line Dance - the cool great fun!

You’re fed up of people telling you to take up sport to keep fit? OK sure, you wouldn’t mind being fitter, more flexible and saying “Good Bye” to a few calories, but “Sport”? Yuk! That sounds too much like stress, sweat and hassle.

You’d much prefer to spend life relaxed, happy, enjoying the good times and having fun with friends. Naturally, at the same time, getting fitter and healthier. You dream of a magical cupcake that does it all for you?

What if I told you it’s not a dream? Country Western Line Dance has everything you need (and more).

You don’t need a partner. You simply dance in line with other great fun loving people to cool Country music. Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, have a terrific time learning easy choreography and exercise your chuckle muscle whilst sorting out and unknotting your feet (no they’re not on the wrong way round).

Oh yeah, and whilst you were having a bundle of fun, you trained your heart and lungs, circulation, endurance, stamina, fitness, coordination, improved your health and dropped a few calories.

To activate your chuckle muscle register, for your Country Western experience here.