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Pilates - Thinking - sensing - feeling - living

You want to be stronger, fit and flexible to stay on top of your daily life.

You secretly wish for an attractive flatter tummy and a good shaped firmer butt.

You admire people who sit tall, stand tall with an air of confidence and move elegantly.

You know people who have back pain, and their back seems to goes out more than they do.

Today, you can do something for the most important person in your life, YOU!

After only a few Pilate’s sessions, people will start to notice your improved posture, elegance and movement.

You start to notice your tummy getting flatter and your butt firmer.

Then Wow!!!

Even if you don’t understand the Pilates principle of stretching muscles, developing core stability or correcting body alignment, you are going to be blown away by your increased flexibility, range of movement and improved balance.

As for back pain… that’s something other people live with who haven’t yet discovered Pilates.

Pilates gives you a new awareness of your body. At an EDC Pilates class, gently under expert guidance, you’ll use virtually your entire body.

Pilates can prevent injuries and lets your body reach its full potential, flexibility and strength.

Pilates is designed to improve your daily life.
It’s time to fall in love with you!

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