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Dance Fitness - have fun, dance, enjoy!

Do you have Gremlins in your wardrobe? (You know, those naughty little Gremlins that sneak into your wardrobe whilst you sleep, tighten the waistband on your trousers and take in the seams on your clothes).

  • Do you wish you could to get all the wobbly bits back into your sexy dark-denim skinny jeans?
  • Fed up of carrying that excess weight around?
  • You’ve tried diet after-diet and no matter what you try, your thighs and middle are hell bent on expanding?

At last the perfect solution ...

Dance fitness

Thanks to Dance Fitness, you can now discover a healthy life, enjoy a thinner happier fitter you whilst having a bundle of fun! In your Dance Fitness class you will:

  • Have fun, dance, enjoy, and make the most out of life!
  • Your body will love you for it.
  • Don’t delay, register now!

Experience Dance Fitness Now!