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Sunday Club - nonstop Dancing!

You want to practice what you’ve learnt in your class or individual lesson?

In the kitchen there’s not much room and you keep tripping over the cat.

In the bedroom between the bed and the wardrobe it’s difficult and the bed can be distracting. There’s room in the lounge between the couch and the TV, but the couch always wins.

Simply spend an enjoyable evening with friends every Sunday at 20.30 hrs.

For members, those on a 12 week course or taking private lessons it’s completely free. That’s correct, zero cents and you don’t even have to bribe Ian with jelly babies or cupcakes!

Make yourself comfortable, enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, the dancing, the conversation and meet new friends.

Naturally there’s nonstop dance music and a fully stocked bar.

You’re guaranteed to have a great time! Why miss out? See you Sunday.

Book your place now.