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What we offer

The Euro Dance College has become a centre for both

International and European candidates preparing for


  • DDI
  • DDE
  • Associate
  • Licentiate
  • Fellowship

 examinations in


  • Ballroom
  • Latin American
  • Classical Sequence
  • Disco Freestyle
  • Modern Theatre 
  • Tap
  • Imperial Classical Ballet

 We offer: Full time courses, Part time courses, Short courses, Study breaks & Contract training


Applicants should have reached a satisfactory level of dance training combined with a suitable academic standard of education. The minimum age of entry is school leaving age.


We also offer apprentice placements for 3 years for Ballroom, Latin and DFR. During this time with us you would experience how it is to work in a large school with Professional and Amateur students. Working with both, group and solo classes, plus all the background work that goes into make a school run. During your 3 years with us you will complete 3 associates from the 4 Dance Sport genres. Extra can be added on a individual basis.  For this the applicant will need a strong command of German.


Equal Opportunities  Disabilities

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