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Your Career as a Dance Teacher

Following your training at Euro Dance College we assist you in finding suitable employment as a Dance teacher at a suitable location either within Europe or Abroad.

Well trained Dance teachers are always in demand! Dance teachers work with individuals and groups. They spend time preparing for classes, planning lessons and organising the syllabus. They encourage pupils to develop their skills, and may demonstrate particular techniques. They teach a wide range of different dance styles, and should be able to set appropriate physical demands on their pupils whilst preventing injury or strain.

Dance teachers who work in state schools are likely to have other commitments and responsibilities within the school. Some Dance teachers may teach another subject and/or have a management role. They will have administration work to do such as record-keeping and marking written work.

Requirements As a potential Dance teacher, you should:

have good, practical ability in Dance and music

have an understanding of health and safety to prevent injury

have an interest in teaching children and adults of all abilities

have patience and good communication skills

be able to support and encourage others to succeed

be observant and pay attention to detail

feel able to control a group of pupils and have confidence to maintain order within the class

have the ability to run a business, if self-employed

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