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Diploma in Dance Education

This qualification develops the skill, knowledge and understanding needed to teach dance especially focusing on a knowledge of pedagogy, including other units essential for an appreciation of teaching children and adults in dance. It consists of five mandatory units. Two units relate to generic teaching skills; one to child and adults physical and cognitive development; one to dance practice with relationship to music,focusing on the dance knowledge required of pupils up to the beginning of vocational levels; and a final contextual unit on a topic relates to dance. It develops the skilld, knowledge and understanding needed to teach dance, primarily in the context of graded dance examinations within the private sector.


Theobservation techniques learnt in the Level 3 Diploma in Dance Instruction (DDI), along with the learners' increased knowledge of safe dance practice and strong grounding in the performance and teaching of the chosen genre lead to a greater understanding of teaching methods, both generic and dance genre specific. This understanding should become increasingly evident throughout the learner's course of study at DDE level.

(The qualification has a Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) credit value of 92 and its Qualification Accrediation Number is 501/0750/1.)

For UK teachers, please note your supervised teaching practice will often be organised at one of the UK approved ISTD dance Centres, in the event that you are not able to travel to Germany.


If you already hold a Dance Teacher qualification such as Associate or

Licentiate and wish to simply upgrade to a DDE, by adding the relevant modules, you will need an APL, based on your prior experience you will generally be exempt from some of the modules.  Please contact me for further information.

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