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Diploma in Dance Instruction

This qualification gives prospective dance teachers a solid grounding in the skills and knowledge requires to teach dance in a safe environment. It consists of four mandatory units. Two units are generic and cover teaching skills with a focus on teaching observation and safe dance practice. The other two units are dance genre specific and focus on technical, performanced based and musical knowledge required at thia level both thrrough personal performance and that of pupils of various levels.

During the course learner study about observation techniques and how these may lead to greater understanding of teaching methods and skills: this seves as a basis for the development of practical teaching skills at Level 4 (Diploma in Dance Education).

You will maintain a portfolio of evidence of all units of the qualification which is then moderated and standardised by the ISTD prior to certification.

(This qualification has a Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) credit value of 68 and its Qualification Accreditation Number is 501/1002/0)


This is a preparatory teaching examination for which you may start to prepare at 16+ providing that you will be 17 years of age within the Academic year in which you take your examinations.

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