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Diploma in Dance Instruction (Level 3)

Diploma in Dance Instruction (DDI) is equivalent to an A. Level under the National Framework).


 The Diploma in Dance Instruction is primarily for candidates of 16 years of age and above who wish to prepare for the Diploma in Dance Education and become a teacher of dance.


The focus of the Diploma in Dance Instruction is the development of necessary evaluative and critical skills for teachers in relation to ISTD Graded Examinations up to and including Levels 1 and 2 of the National Qualifications Framework, Level 1 being equivalent to GCSE grade D G and Level 2 GCSE grade A C.


You will develop an understanding of the concepts essential to teaching dance before being required to put these into practice in the studio. This provides an essential basis and preparation for progression to the Diploma in Dance Education (which includes supervised teaching practice).

The DDI is delivered in 4 Units

  Module 1 Teaching Skills
 This Module is made up of one unit and is common to all dance genres; once attained it does not have to be retaken when qualifying in additional genres.
  Module 2 - Contextual Studies

This module consists of 1 unit and is also common to all dance genres and once attained does not have to be retaken when qualifying in another genre.

  Module 3 - Dance Practice

This module contains units 3, 4  and is specific to each dance genre and you may choose to take this module more than once to pursue the study of different dance genres.


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