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The Summer School 2006 is sponsored by the Quality Hotel and the Holiday Inn.  Both Hotels are offering special reduced rate for Teachers attending the Dance Sport Summer School 2006.

As sponsorship for those attending the Summer School both hotels offer ca 50% reduction on normal rates.

Please note rooms are limited and subject to availability, therefore when registering for the Summer School we suggest you book your accomodation at the same time.


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  Holiday Inn Express
 Holday Inn are official sponsors of the Dance Sport Summer School.  To enable particiants from around the world to attend the Summer School 2006 in order to further their training and gain those important qualifications, an exclusive rate is available.
  Quality Hotel

The Quality Hotel is ca 1. Km from the Euro Dance College, and in the same road.

The Hotel offers a friendly service, the staff are multi lingual and they have an excellent restaurant.

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