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You will be working with 3 Dance Technicians and

thus will benefit from a wealth of experience and knowledge.


We all know how difficult it is to prepare for those all important examinations

during a busy season, and how difficult it sometimes is working alone.


Travelling to a Professional Coach, can be time consuming and expensive,

often resulting in an overnight stay. In the UK this can be expensive.


For this reason we have decided to hold the Dance Sport Summer School 2006 in Troisdorf. 

Located 20 minutes from Cologne, 15 minutes from Bonn, a 7 minute car ride from the airport

and a 15 minute train ride from the main Centre,  

it is easily accessible from most locations.


Not only the travel, but also the accomodation costs are greatly reduced.  (ca 1/3rd of UK prices).


Being able to leave your day to day business and study in purpose-built and

comfortable surroundings frees your mind and allows you to learn more easily,

especially in the company of others in the same situation.


There is plenty of opportunity to study and to enjoy the excellent facilities and surroundings.


If you have a question there is always someone available to help.


Those who have already taken a Professional Examination, know how important it is to have the guidance of a Professional Coach.  At the Summer School 2006 you benefit from 3.



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