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Associate, Licentiate & Fellowship

Summer School 2006


The European Dance Sport College


Presents a

2 - week intensive Study Course

for teachers preparing for:


  • Associate *
  • Licentiate
  • Fellowship



  • Ballroom
  • Latin American
  • Freestyle


The course is for both residential and non - residential students.

The Course is open to european and non - european students.


3 ISTD Examinerseach specialising in Professional Examination Training

will be each working intensively with all students in 3 Studios.


Following the course, Ballroom, Latin American & Freestyle Examinations will be held with independant Examiners at the College.




Summer School:               8th July 22ndJuly 2006


Dance Sport Examinations 23rdJuly - 25thJuly 2006





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